Cultivating resilience, changing the world

20-22 April 2021 | Shenzhen, China

What is the THE ?Innovation & Impact Summit?

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has disrupted life as we know it. Now, more than ever, society is looking to the global research community to respond to the emerging existential challenges to global development, and our survival. During this three-day summit we will examine the critical factors for supporting research impact and ask; who should ultimately benefit from world-class research and innovation? Can innovation be directed towards creating resilience? And, in the pursuit of excellence, how can academia, government and industry align to ensure the knowledge economy supports all facets of society?

As we look to the future, we will examine the role cities play as laboratories of innovation and transformative ideas, acknowledging how urban development can also catalyse social and environmental challenges. We will aim to identify the?unique strength of innovative cities and highlight the position universities play in creating new hotspots of growth. How can universities support the potential of cities to cultivate greater resilience and sustainability and contribute to dynamic innovation ecosystems that respond to the global goals?

And finally, have encompassing crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic forced policy-makers to re-assess their impact measures and targets? By turning crisis into opportunity, can universities create strategies looking further than 2030, and aim to foster innovation that benefits this century? What do university leaders need in order to deliver research that has greater impact?


The networking among participants deepened over the three days, offering plentiful opportunities for collaboration.

Miho Suzuki
Senior supervisor
Shinken-Ad Co., Ltd.


This event opened access for me to build relationships with peer institutions that would have been difficult for me otherwise.

Gretchen Neisler
Vice-provost of international affairs
University of Tennessee


The THE Innovation & Impact Summit was quite outstanding and thought-provoking, it successfully gathered lots of expertise in the field which is good for building networks.

Kitty Leung
Project officer of the Office of Service-Learning
Lingnan University


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