THE Live

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Virtual events

Virtual THE Live Asia

The inaugural Virtual?THE?Live Asia event on 3 June 2020 includes the exclusive launch of?THE’s Asia University Rankings 2020, when we will announce the performance of universities across the continent, according to?THE?metrics. The programme will include highlights such as:

  • data masterclass
  • panel discussion
  • live demo of SDG Impact Dashboard benchmarking tool
  • Covid-19 survey of higher education leaders.

THE Live

At this year’s THE Live, the UK’s must-attend higher education event on 25-26 November 2020, we will be discussing the most pressing issues facing UK universities:

  • Britain’s place in the global higher education system
  • the state of the UK HE market
  • financial challenges facing the sector
  • how to improve your workplace culture for staff and early-career researchers.

This year's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Symposium will also be happening at THE?Live.